A biennial competition to find

'a song written in the folk idiom which will continue to be sung in Folk Clubs'

This year's competition will be held on Thursday 28th March at the usual club time/venue. There will be live performances of all the entries and the winners will be announced on the night after voting by the audience. Prizes and certificates will be awarded for the top three songs.

The competition rules can be found below. You can submit your entry using the entry form, either by email to maidenheadfolkclub@gmail.com or by hand to a member of the MFC committee on any club night, on or before the closing date of 14th March 2019.

We are looking forward to receiving your entries and hearing your songs - good luck!


1. The competition is organised by the committee of MFC (Maidenhead Folk Club). The organisers reserve the right to vary these rules at their discretion. In any event the organisers' decision is final.

2. Entry is open to all with the exception of the winner of the last competition.

3. The song must be a new work written in the year of the competition i.e. after 31st December 2018; and not published or released in recorded form prior to the date of the competition.

4. The words and music must be the original work of the entrant(s).

5. The song must not be a parody.

6. Entries must be submitted by email to maidenheadfolkclub@gmail.com or by hand to a committee member using the entry form (available from the MFC website) no later than 14th March 2019.

7. The song must be performed on the evening of the competition by the writer(s) or by a person nominated by the writer. (The competition is for the song, not the performance, and any prize will be awarded to the writer(s), not the performer.) Pre-recorded performances are not permitted.

8. The draw for order of performance on the evening of the competition will be held during the MFC club night in the week preceding the competition.

9. If an individual wishes to enter more than one song (whether individually or jointly), they must indicate an order of preference; so that, in the event that there are too many entries for the time available on the evening, the organisers may restrict entries to one song per person.

10. If, after restricting multiple entries, further restriction is still necessary, entries from regular attendees of MFC will be given preference; further entries will be accepted if possible, with preference given to those entries which are received earlier.

11. The competition will be decided based on voting on the evening of the competition. Voting will be conducted as follows:

• Voting is open to entrants (ie songwriters), nominated performers and regular attendees of MFC only. Each voter may select a first, second and third choice of song. Writers and performers are not permitted to vote for any song which they have written or performed.

• Points will be awarded based on the votes (first choice: 3 points / second choice: 2 points / third choice: 1 point) and the points will be added up to obtain a total for each song.

12. The winner will be the entry which receives most points; second place will go to the entry with the next-highest points total; and so on. In the event of a draw, the prize will go to the entry with the greater number of first choices; if there is still a draw, second and third choices will be taken into consideration.

13. The organisers may also award a commendation to a chosen entry, at their discretion.

14. Each writer grants MFC permission to use audio and video recordings and photographic images from the competition free of charge in its publicity materials (including website and social media).


The last competition, held in 2017, culminated in an exciting final with 13 original songs performed to an appreciative audience. You can watch and hear the winning songs as performed on the night via the YouTube links below:

Common ground: https://youtu.be/7xi_VohY7JQ

Fire the lines: https://youtu.be/KjPsjPho_oM

Woods in Winter: https://youtu.be/wbJ1nflxiLo

Down among the dead men: https://youtu.be/UyM90anqE3U

or listen to them via SoundCloud: