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8.30 - 11.00pm

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New Inn,


MFC song competition

The 2017 MFC song competition took place at the club on Thursday 30th March 2017. There were thirteen songs performed and the results from the voting were:

A biennial competition to find

'A song written in the folk idiom which will continue to be sung in Folk Clubs'

2017 competition - RESULTS

Results and pictures from the 2015 competition are here.

Previous competitions

1st place               Common ground                            Mark Ashworth

2nd place            Fire the lines                                      David Fenner

3rd place             Woods in Winter                            Steve Laughlin


commended    Down among the dead men    Richard Jenkins

Thanks to everyone who took part and especially to Malcolm Austen, guest compere for the night (and winner of the previous competition), and to Richard Jenkins for his sound/video recording work.

You can watch and hear the winning songs as performed on the night via the YouTube links below:


  Common ground:


  Fire the lines:


  Woods in Winter


  Down among the dead men:


or listen to them via SoundCloud:

Here is the complete list of entries in the order they were performed on the night.


1   Birds of Rhiannon -- Jane and Mike Griffith-Ward

2   Birdwatch -- Mervyn Else

3   I’ll forgive you -- Bob Watson

4   Down among the dead men -- Richard Jenkins

5   7 Days in July -- Pat Watts

6  The dance of life -- Liz Weston

[7  The Lancashire cotton army -- Steve Donnelly] - withdrawn as Steve was unfortunately unable to attend on the night

8   The three keys to happiness -- Andrew Ball (lyrics), Alan Weston (music/arrangement)

9   Fire the lines -- David Fenner

10  You ‘ave got a difficult name -- Alan Fryer

11  The generic revolution song of 2017 -- Robin  Devany

12  Woods in Winter -- Steve Laughlin

13  Where the wild rose hangs over the river -- Caroline Jackson-Houlston

14  Common ground -- Mark Ashworth