Every Thursday

8.30 - 11.00pm

at the

New Inn,


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We are a small, friendly club who meet every week to share live acoustic folk music in a relaxed setting. We enjoy a wide range of music encompassing not only the older, traditional songs and tunes but also more contemporary material which draws upon the tradition.


We meet every Thursday throughout the year, starting at 8.30pm and finishing at 11.00pm. Our programme is a mix of paid guest performers (typically one or two each month) and singers'/musicians' nights: check out our forthcoming events on the WHAT'S ON page.


Our singers' and musician's nights (and theme nights) typically include a range of acoustic styles. Performers are always welcome, and so are those who would just like to relax and listen and maybe join in a chorus or two - MFC loves a good chorus!




*** THIS WEEK - 28th SEPTEMBER ***


New York singer-guitarist Steve is an "old-fashioned folksinger" with a repertoire ranging over old time ballads, blues, ragtime and lots more...



*** NEXT WEEK - 5th OCTOBER ***


Come and join us...




*** COMING UP ***

Check the WHAT'S ON page for the

details of our latest programme.



Live acoustic music rooted in tradition

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